A profound contributor to Ukraine’s renowned electronic music scene, Meyer has an impressive catalog of releases on some of the best-known imprints in modern dance music. His latest offering is an electrifying two-track EP that marks his introduction to fellow Kyiv local Miss Monique’s increasingly popular Siona Records imprint with ‘Hive Mind’.

Opening the release with a firm statement of intent, the title track ‘Hive Mind’ is an undeniably remarkable display of high-quality Melodic Techno prowess from the outset. Driven by potent drum grooves and an urgent sense of musicality, its gritty synth lines and atmospheric interplanetary breakdowns bring incredible depth to the production, making it a gripping dancefloor story.

Meyer closes off the release with ‘Destiny’, delivering another shining example of his extensive record-making capability. Rolling rhythms lead alongside a crisp percussive drive and a mix of corrosive and emotional melodic elements. Another track with a distinct off-planet feel, emphasizing expansive soundscapes and playing on suspense effortlessly throughout this hardened peak-time cut.